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  • Fax: +48 61 656 70 33
  • Mail: biuro@msaccounting.eu
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Empoyees settlements

empoyees settlements: tax Office, social security Office, preparing payroll, contracts of employment, certificates of employment img

Tax declarations

prepare tax declaration and service companies in matters of reports for the Inland Revenues and Social Insurance Institution img

Tax reports

keep a company register of income and expenses, keep VAT register, keep the purchase and sale register and VAT register img
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    Accounting services

    The books are kept pursuant to the Accounting Act and Company Chart of Accounts, we develop a Company Chart of Accountst, we keep the purchase and sale register and VAT register, we keep the fixed assets register, we prepare personal income tax and corporate income tax returns...

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    Accounting supervision

    We supervises the Client’s HR staff, assuming responsibility equivalent to that of a company Main Accountant. We provide the following accounting consultancy services: define the Client’s Accounting Policy, organize Client’s accounting and internal control activities...

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    HR management

    Preparing employment relationship documents (contracts of employment, certificates of employment) pursuant to the current labour law regulations, keeping personal files pursuant to current legal regulations, handling holiday leaves, checking holiday entitlement, keeping holiday leave records...

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    Register of income and expenses

    We keep a company register of income and expenses, we keep the tax records for ryczałt ewidencjonowany (lump sum taxation, no expense deductions), we check if documents are correct formally and with respect to accounting issues, we post economic transactions in the Register of Income and Expenses...

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