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Our services


    imgThe books are kept pursuant to the Accounting Act and Company Chart of Accounts

    imgWe develop a Company Chart of Accountst

    imgWe keep the purchase and sale register and VAT register

    imgWe keep the fixed assets register

    imgWe prepare personal income tax and corporate income tax returns

    imgWe prepare the annual balance sheet, including a balance sheet with enclosures, profit and loss account, explanatory notes

    imgWe prepare tax returns for the Inland Revenue and taxpayers

    imgWe prepare monthly, mid-year and annual tax settlements

    imgWe prepare and submit financial statements and statistical reports to the relevant authorities

    imgWe represent our clients before the Inland Revenue

    imgWe provide tax and legal consultancy services in accordance with our competencies and qualifications

    imgWe provide accounting and economic law consultancy

    imgWe prepare budgets, business plans, management accounting

    imgWe advise on organizing new companies and provide the relevant services

    imgWe check if documents are correct formally and with respect to accounting issues

    imgWe provide specifications for accounting documents

    imgWe prepare bank transfer forms for payments to the Inland Revenues and Social Insurance Institution

    imgWe prepare company reports


    MSACCOUNTING supervises the Client’s HR staff, assuming responsibility equivalent to that of a company Main Accountant.
    We provide the following accounting consultancy services:

    imgDefine the Client’s Accounting Policy

    imgOrganize Client’s accounting and internal control activities (develop, modify and implement the Chart of Accounts, develop internal control procedures, prepare cash register manual)

    imgHelp select and implement financial and accounting software

    imgPrepare financial statements and reports

    imgPrepare all types of financial statements and reports (for individual entities and consolidated), following Client’s specifications, using templates provided by
    a Client or any of MSACCOUNTING own templates

    imgPrepare document circulation regulations

    imgDevelop a warehouse work organization rules


    Personnel are a key asset, deserving special care, in any company.

    HR, payroll, Social Insurance.


    imgPreparing employment relationship documents (contracts of employment, certificates of employment) pursuant to the current labour law regulations

    imgKeeping personal files pursuant to current legal regulations

    imgHandling holiday leaves, checking holiday entitlement, keeping holiday leave records

    imgKeeping the absence files for the employees

    imgPreparing and providing the employees with the requisite employment documents

    imgKeeping and updating a register of medical examinations and OSHA training

    imgCollecting personal documents required to determine the employee's initial capital

    imgPreparing Company rules and regulations (work regulations, payroll regulations, social benefits regulations)

    imgHandling engagements of persons working under temporary contracts

    imgPreparing the required reports and statements

    imgAssisting with sorting out ongoing problems

    imgAssisting during inspections carried out by the State Labour Inspection (PIP) and Social Insurance Institutions (ZUS) and handling the post-inspection issues


    imgPreparing payrolls based on the Client’s payroll systems and contracts of employment

    imgPreparing payroll for persons employed under temporary contracts

    imgPreparing lists of salaries as a text file compatible with the Client's bank software

    imgPreparing ZUS RMUA forms for each employee

    imgPreparing and submitting to ZUS monthly settlement forms, personal monthly reports

    imgPreparing PIT-4 tax returns

    imgPreparing annual income tax returns (PIT-11, PIT-8B)

    imgPreparing annual tax calculation (PIT-40)


    imgWe keep a company register of income and expenses

    imgWe keep the tax records for ryczałt ewidencjonowany (lump sum taxation, no expense deductions)

    imgWe check if documents are correct formally and with respect to accounting issues

    imgWe post economic transactions in the Register of Income and Expenses

    imgWe keep the purchase and sale register and VAT register

    imgWe keep the fixed assets register

    imgand intangible assets register

    imgWe prepare tax returns

    imgWe prepare monthly PIT returns [PIT-5], social insurance forms and VAT returns [VAT-7]

    imgWe provide tax and accounting consultancy services

    imgWe represent our clients before the Inland Revenue

    imgWe keep the register of company’s equipment

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